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How to Migrate WordPress

DataShuttle makes it very easy to move a WordPress app from one server to another. You’ll need the following information to migrate your app:

  • Source server’s IP address (where the app currently resides)
  • SSH username and password (server must have password auth enabled; SSH must be running on port 22; SSH user should be the owner of the app)
  • Directory where the app currently resides
  • Destination server’s IP address
  • ServerPilot system user and password on destination server
  • Destination directory (where in the filesystem we’ll be migrating the app)
  • Destination database name, username, and password (these are not the same as the ServerPilot system user and password)

For more information, see server requirements.

The destination directory (where in the filesystem we’ll migrate the app) needs to be empty. This is to protect users from overwriting the wrong directory. Make sure all files (including hidden files such as .htaccess) have been deleted from the directory. All newly created apps created in ServerPilot include a default index.php, which will need to be deleted from the public directory before you can successfully migrate your app.
DataShuttle does not create databases, so you should create an empty database on the destination server before migrating your app.
For ServerPilot apps, the relative path is apps/APPNAME/public, and the absolute path is /srv/users/SYSUSER/apps/APPNAME/public, where APPNAME is the name of your app and SYSUSER is the respective system user associated with the app.

Step One: Enter Source Server Information

To connect to the source server, enter the server’s IP address, SSH username and password. Then click Next.

Step Two: Enter Source App Information

Next, you’ll need to enter information about your app. Enter the directory (relative or absolute path) you want to migrate, select “WordPress” for App Type, and “Detect Automatically (Requires WordPress)” for Database Credentials. Then, click Next.

Step Three: Enter Destination Server Information

The destination server is where you want to migrate your app. Enter the server’s IP address, ServerPilot system user and password. Click Next.

For the username, use the ServerPilot system user that owns the app on the server.

Step Four: Enter Destination App Information

Finally, you need to enter details about the destination of the app. Enter the directory (relative or absolute path) where you wish to migrate the app, the database name, username and password (these are different than the ServerPilot system user’s credentials). Click Migrate.

If all of the checks have passed, then your app will be migrated! The status of the app will be displayed, and you can see when it’s finished.

If you run into any issues or have any questions, please contact us.

Last updated: May 18, 2020